Seine River in Paris

The Seine in Paris will be divided into north and south on both sides, according to people in Paris, called on the south bank of the river on the left bank, the north shore of the river, known as the right bank. In the right bank, the arc DE triomphe, Paris has the Louvre palace and fine buildings, also has the place DE la Concorde, the champs elysees such grand venues, with galeries lafayette department store, one of the biggest department store in Paris in the spring of Europe. Not to mention the nebula with Banks and financial institutions. The right bank, is the economic center of France. The Eiffel Tower stands on the left bank, on the left bank is more of a French university, art center, research institutions, in the left bank, and you pass by, most likely is a famous professor, or a philosopher, or an artist. The left is the cultural center of France. In the left bank, nebula with, it is a wide variety of cafes, but importantly, which may be a small cafe, once is Hemingway often come to visit, or is the place that Picasso, often a daze, or of a rodin thinking about life. Over time, the left bank, it was a very small endowment emotional appeal, is the shrine of wen-ching heart.
Take a stroll along the Seine river is a very good thing。

On the Seine River’s most famous lock love bridge, was filmed, a few years ago was very lively, refused to be demolished the famous lock Pont des Arts, connected to the French Association and the Louvre central square art bridge, also Pont Neuf Bridge, on the eastern side of the Art Bridge, is seen as a bridge between lovers to witness love. Locked in love on the bridge lock, write down the names of the two sides, and then put the key into the Seine, the symbol of their love forever Ching. 

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