Black Dress, Printed High Heels and Date With the Sunset

Hello friends! How are you? They say that a black dress goes well to any occasion. Spring is here and the sun is out, so it is time to get outside.

Do you like the sunset? How do you feel when you see or rest in the sunset? I like the sunset very much. It is so beautiful and when it shines on me and shines on my body, I feel that this complex and chaotic world is so beautiful. It makes me forget all the troubles of the day.

Sunset at Karrebæk Fjord in Spring

So whenever I finish the day, I like to bring a favorite magazine, come to the beach, sit on a beach chair, read a book and admire the sunset. I think the sunset is the best thing that the universe gives people. It is a gift that only appears at dusk of the day.

This time I chose a beige sweater with a black gauze dress. The dress was irregularly designed. When I wear it, under the setting sun, it makes my legs beautiful! The second time I paired with a pair of printed high heels from Zara, this pair of shoes is simply a perfect combination of retro and elegance.

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Why don’t you get outside in the spring sun? Go on a field trip maybe? I recently went to check the Haute Couture Exhibition in Design Museum Danmark, which I also blogged about. Erik Mortensen is famous for his love of the black dress, but you can read about it all in my other post.

The earring from Zara.