How to Wear Elegant and Street Style at the Same Time – Outfit Ideas

Street style,Outfits,Fashion,街拍,穿搭,时尚
Street style,Outfits,Fashion,街拍,穿搭,时尚

Street style,Outfits,Fashion 街拍,时尚,穿搭

Hi, everyone! How are you doing my dear friends? Let’s talk about outfits for spring.

First let me share the music “Are You With Me” by “Lost Frequencies”.

This time I want to share with you how to wear simple, graceful and intellectual and trendy street style at the same time

Street style,Outfits,Fashion 街拍,时尚,穿搭

Outfit 1:

This time I chose a black short leather jacket and a short paragraph hollow white sweater. Since the temperature in early spring is still a bit cold, I chose to wear a thin and medium long coat on top of a the leather jacket. The locomotive leather jacket and the elegant long coat are mixed, which also makes the overall appearance of a multi-style, when the temperature is low. Later in the day, when the temperature rises, you can take off your long coat at any time and turn it into a cool street girl look. For friends like me who are afraid of the cold and doesn’t want to wear a heavy winter clothing, it’s a good choice to prepare a long coat, which is not too thick.

For pants I chose a black hole tight trousers. The stylish hole elements make the overall shape more sense of the street and because I am not too tall, I chose a pair of high heels. The shoes are a pair of shallow pink high-heeled shoes with an ankle strap design. At a glance, the focus of the attention is on the feet. The straps of these shoes are embellished with rivets.

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Earring | ZARA

Street style,Outfits,Fashion 街拍,时尚,穿搭Street style,Outfits,Fashion 街拍,时尚,穿搭Street style,Outfits,Fashion 街拍,时尚,穿搭Street style,Outfits,Fashion 街拍,时尚,穿搭

Outfit 2:

You can also do this: still with a short black leather jacket. For this outfit, I chose a black turtleneck for the ride combined with a pair of white pants with black edges. Black and white are classic and never will be a wrong combination

The combination of calf-length skinny casual pants and high heels makes people tall and slim and elegant.

Street style,Outfits,Fashion 街拍,时尚,穿搭Street style,Outfits,Fashion 街拍,时尚,穿搭

If you have other collocation ideas, you can leave a message and tell me.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed my blog. Finally, I wish you all a pleasant  week!

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