AOH – Army Open House 2018

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Hi everyone! How are you, my dear friends? Recently I went to a military open day event in Denmark. This is my new post about this open house event and I hope you like it.

  • (Because there are many pictures in this article, the speed of opening may be a bit slow, and my friends need to wait patiently.)

Army Open House

The open day at the barracks is an event set up by the military in order to show their equipment to the people and enhance the national identity of the people.

It has long been an international practice to open up general military activities to the people. This kind of opening is sometimes extended to military performances and exercises.

Visit the barracks, visit troops for training, weapons demonstrations, military parades, visits to historical rooms, experience the food of the army canteens, etc.


This time I am sharing the music:

Sarah Conner ft. TQ-Love Is Color-Blind with Lyrics


We often see events related to war in the movies and news. We see tanks, grenades, cannonballs, and a variety of weapons and equipment. When we see it in reality, we are excited and we want to know them. How does it work? How do our military friends use them? How can a heavy cannon move? What kind of feeling is it sitting in the tank? I think many of my friends have the same problems as me when they first see the real weapons and equipment. I think that some friends have more questions to ask.

I think a lot of people like the German BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke). I have to say that its car is very popular with the public. Its appearance and performance are very good. In this time, I saw its military vehicle. It’s cool, I like it very much.


Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

Finally, I hope that the world will never have war, only peace and love!

ARMY OPEN HOUSE, AOH, Barracks Open Day,Weaponry,Tank, Bomb,Cannon OOTD,Outfit of the day , Instagram, Blogger,Street Style, Style,Bamboo bag, Lifestyle, Outfit, Fashion,Europe, 兵营开放日,军队开放日,武器装备,坦克,炸弹,大炮, 每日穿搭,时尚博主,生活方式,街拍,风格, 穿搭,时尚, Ins风, ,欧洲

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