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The weather was good recently, so I went to Malmö and took some street style pictures. This time I was wearing my own top design. I found a very nice graffiti wall and went to a lot of good vintage shops. The price there wasn’t expensive, so if you go to Malmö, you should go check.

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In the streets of Malmö there are many kinds of vintage shops. I enjoyed this on in particular. Although the store isn’t too big, I could not help but walk in. I want to take a photo with them, of course, the things inside are also very beautiful and affordable, I also like the style of decoration and style inside.

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I have to mention that this graffiti wall is so beautiful. I like it very much and this wall is very long. It consists of several different groups of works, and their colors are very rich. If you like the graffiti art. Don’t miss this place.

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Malmö has a large park named Peple’s Park. The park is surrounded by a River. People can charter a boat while enjoying the beautiful scenery. There are many ducks and geese in the park. This time I saw a lot of cute duck babies, they are lovely behind the mother and there are beautiful cafes and restaurants in the park.

The last thing I have to mention is this original garden:


Castle garden in Malmö

Slottsträdgården, the castle garden in Malmö is located on the fortress island, immediately behind the castle Malmöhus. The garden has an area of about 12,000 square meters and is operated by a private club on ecological principles.

In Slottsträdgården a large number of different crops and ornamental plants are cultivated and sold which would make the hearts of dedicated garden owners beats faster. The complex is divided into different areas, such as kitchen garden, orchard garden, rose garden, perennial garden, Japanese garden, a greenhouse and is a special place of rest and relaxation in the middle of the big city. Here you can take things easy and unwind, have a picnic in the garden or take a puse in the small garden cafe.

The castle garden is based on an initiative by some enthusiastic Malmö garden lovers. They came width the the idea to create an ecological garden within the city in 1994. In 1997, their idea became reality and they began to create a new garden at the grounds of the former municipal tree nursery at the foot of the fortress.

Slottsträdgården is open all year round, the castle garden cafe only from early April too late October.

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