Middelaldercentret – A Trip Back In Time

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A couple of weeks ago, I went to middelaldercentret in the south part of Zealand. It was a lot of fun to watch the way people used to live and eat and fight many hundred years ago in Denmark.

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The small town has the status of a market town, it means that we have the right to trade and have market days in the town square. The townspeople are craftsmen and traders and we can visit them, talk to them and see them work. 

The town consists of a row of houses with mixed dwellings and workshops, merchant houses as well as an inn and a church which is currently under construction. The houses are located along a city street that ends up in a harbour.

Time travel made easy – suddenly we have stepped 610 yeas back in time to the middle ages.

No signs:

There are no signs in the town of Sundkøbing. when we have any questions   we can aske the townspeople. They all like to talk about their lives.

In the Technology park and The Magical Forest there are signs explaining and telling stories.

The Medieval Centre is an experimental Archaeological centre. Everything we see is build or made from archaeological findings, historical written sources, illustrations etc. 

In the medieval center, you can experience spectacular horse races, guns, happiness and soldiers. But you can also meet artisans, squirrels and businessmen, who are busy with the pursuit and work of the day.

Work is taking place in the workshop, the ship transports the goods to the city and the church is under construction.

Learn more about everyday life in the Middle Ages, talk to people, smell, see and touch what you usually see only in the glass fittings of the museum.

There is also the opportunity to try the power of today’s latest inventions in the Science Park and the Magic Forest, where you can encounter supernatural creatures.


There are a lot of theme activities here, you can check out the latest activities here:https://www.middelaldercentret.dk/en/news

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