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The annual mid-year discount season has already begun, and many brands, whether physical stores or online malls, are covered with various discount information and even many brands are designing the “SALE” words into their shirts after which they put them in the most conspicuous window position to attract the attention of passers-by.

In the middle of the every year it always is a long-awaited event. Everyone has already prepared their wallets and for shopping on this day. Especially in those stores that are fashionable and favored by female friends. We will see a lot of people are picking the clothes they like and both in the fitting room or at the checkout counter there are long queues.

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So in so many dazzling products you want to be a wayward. As long as you like the clothes you buy all the offers or do like a rational shopper and just pick the right one? I think more friends tend to the latter. After all, clothing is not a work of art, put it there to be a display, so we should master: how to acquire the shopping skills that is really suitable for you and can add extra points for our outfits.



Shopping list 1: Basic Style

So what is the Basic Style?

Everyone knows that fashion trends always change very quickly, which makes the update speed of the clothes very fast, so we need some items that will never go out of fashion. We will wear them often and they should also serve us in various occasions. It is easy to match other clothing and accessories with a variety of accessories, so it’s what we call basic, not only can they be worn all year round, but most importantly they are very functional: Easy to match, forever they won’t be outdated and basically, there be no easy mistakes when they matching the different pieces together and so the basic style should be our first choice.


Basic Features:

In terms of colors, black, white and ash are the main colors and these three colors are also our most versatile colors from the point of view of being clean and neat.

In terms of appearance, there are no excessive modifications and the design is simple.

Functionally speaking, it is not outstanding, but it is versatile and not expensive.


Basic Selection:

The best for you is the best. We wear clothes not just because we like it – the most important thing is that it should be comfortable and let us look better – enhance our strengths and downplay our weaknesses. Observe your body well, find your advantage, identify your shortcomings and determine which clothes are you should try to avoid and which clothes you can try out. Find the right one for you.

Don’t wear horizontal stripes when you are on the chubby side. If you find your arms and legs still need some work, try not to expose them completely.

Texture and version: The versatile model should pay more attention to the material and the cut and the details. The basic model is simple and not too much, which makes it easier for others to notice these small details, a basic model that is suitable for your body and of high quality. It is the first choice you should snap up.


Single product recommendation 1: T-shirt

You can choose between black and white or you can choose simple prints. For more comfortable wear, you can choose pure cotton.

Single product 2: Shirt

Shirts – especially white shirts. White shirt can be described as a veteran in the fashion circle. After hundreds of years, it still stands at the cutting edge of fashion and it always looks like a youthful youngling. Whether it is a formal button or a loose boyfriend, it has a unique charm and its mashup potential is infinite – goest with a skirt, denim, jacket ….. with everything it will have a different style of fashion. The long shirt, you can also wear as a skirt.

Single product 3: Skirt

The skirt is also the most basic model worth investing in. It can be combined with a shirt or shirt with a jacket and it can be beautiful in the fall.

Single product 4: Jeans

Jeans can match shirts, T-shirt, sweaters, suits and lace tops. Whether it is young and energetic or mature and workplace style, It can easily be matched and always look nice.


Single product 5: Flat shoes

It has the elegance and comfort of other shoes and it has the longest life of all shoes. It rejects the trend and the arrogant gesture of always looking at everything in the ever-changing fashion world. The most classic moment is when in “Roman holiday”, Audrey Hepburn is wearing a knee-length skirt, white shirt and the classic ballet shoes.




Shopping list 2: Classic Style

What is a classic?

It’s a long-lasting item, and classics will always be around in one form or another in fashion circles.

For example: Every woman has a little black dress in the closet. Coco Chanel was the first to wear a little black dress. Perhaps the most familiar and unforgettable is the impressive little black Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn at the 1954 Academy Awards. The little black dress has been popular for hundreds of years now. It is surely a classic.

It has a long history but it is not damaged by the erosion of the years. On the contrary, it has always been new, and its connotation and reputation has been accumulated. No matter which one, it is deeply imprinted with the imprint of time because of its unique experience. That mind for generations to generations.

The classic is classic because it is unique and it cannot be copied. Its meaning is not only to “let you remember”, the classic will also give people new inspiration, create new classics, this is the reason why the classic is classic. People can always find infinite inspiration from the classics, just like the Michael Jackson style dances derived from Michael Jackson and the little dresses derived from the little black dresses are all inspired by the classics.

Different brands have their own unique classic styles and characteristics, and it is these styles and characteristics that attract customers.


Shopping list 3: Trend style

What is the trend style?

Clothing is a fashion code and a manifestation of personality. Every season, brands from all over the world publish their own fashion trends. This is the famous four fashion weeks that we all know. Whether it is a haute couture release, a ready-to-wear collection, or a concept, clothing will always have its magic powers to let people pay homage to it. People who are fast-paced are the leaders and pioneers of fashion and those who are slow-moving are a member of the popular army or the slow tail, so the trend is the prevailing style.

Whether it’s a basic style, a classic style or a fashion style, the most important thing is to choose the one that really suits you. Don’t choose those styles or colors that are exaggerated in the street. They look very fashionable, but may be totally unsuitable for you. Don’t forget that when we buy clothes, the original intention is to use it and not only let it wither away in the wardrobe to occupy space as useless items.


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