8 fashion trends for the autumn and winter to get you ready to change seasons.


Although the temperature is still very high and everyone is still wearing a bikini to enjoy the coolness on the beach now, designers have created the new autumn style. In fact, when we deal with summer sales, fashion stores have begun to fill the autumn series. As a fashionista, how can you fall behind others, so let’s take a look at the popular elements of autumn and winter, so you can also become the leader of the trend.

1.Leopard animal print

Leopard is one of the brand’s favorite elements. In the fall and winter of 2018, there are more than a dozen big brands to put animal prints on the fashion show. Undoubtedly, animal print is a hot element of this season.


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As early as 2590 BC, the leopard skin was the classic costume of the princesses of the ancient Egyptian dynasty. Wearing leopard skin clothing is a symbol of wealth and power. In the 1920s, the sexy wild leopard pattern went on the international popular stage. Norman Norell of the United States and Christian Dior of France applied the leopard element to their own high-definition brand, which was loved by the celebrity stars. Then the international big names have mushroomed, Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier, Roberto Cavalli, Louis Vuitton, Chloé, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs have applied the leopard elements to their products. In the end, leopard-print elements have been widely accepted, and they have been popular in the modern arena for centuries and have never been left out of the fashion world!

Leopard prints that never quit the tide, smart snakes, gentle zebra prints, densely imprinted fish scales and aggressive rough crocodile patterns… a piece of fashion designer’s ingenuity Different luxury items not only make people more “close” with animals, but also create a unique fashion and good taste while creating luxurious visual effects.

2.Patchwork and Color-block paneled

Patchwork and color-block paneled has always been a very popular element, and in 2018 it has taken over the collapse of major fashion weeks. Different fabrics, different patterns, different colors, cleverly stitched together, instantly enhance to stunning degree.

The designers use the method of superposition and reorganization to make the structure of the garment more diverse. Using the stitching collision of different materials or pattern colors, the asymmetric cutting creates a variety of modeling changes. By splicing the fabrics of different colors and materials, the monotony of the garments is broken, the odorless wearing is immediately vivid and the multi-level and different emotional expressions are created.

3.Retro style

Although most designers have been pursuing the ever-changing, but never give up on retro-style clothing, retro clothing not only allows us to experience a long history and culture, but also make the clothing show more connotation. Whether it is a Chinese retro style or a Western-style retro style, it is rich in high-value fashion. Fashion is a retro reincarnation, whether it is flowers, leaf patterns or plaids, all with a retro atmosphere. But this year’s focus is on the elements are very rich, the colors are also vibrant.

As one of the most classic patterns, plaid is not lacking in the show every year.

The checker style have a strong British tradition. It has a long history and culture. In the cold season, these closely arranged patterns always give people a warm feeling. Therefore, in the design of autumn and winter clothing, it is not difficult to see the figure of the plaid. Various styles of plaid fabric, Scottish pattern, Vichy, Pane, Houndstooth, Prince of Wales check,Argyle , Twill… From coat to dress, from bag, hat to shoes. The checkered pattern deservedly become one of the most active fashion elements in autumn and winter.

4.Future sense technological element

The advancement of science and technology affects all aspects of life, including our apparel industry, technology drives innovation, brings infinite possibilities to the world, novel fabrics produced with special techniques, and then carefully designed by designers, technology and The combination of beauty, the combination of technology and fashion makes the overall style more personalized. Through the humanized design, they also enter the daily wear of people. On the show floor, whether it is transparent PVC material, metal style fabric, shiny fabric and sequin elements symbolizing the future technology, the frequency of appearance is quite high, the fabric’s creativity, pattern, color and texture contain rich artistic and clothing. The overall design is integrated and complements each other to convey the designer’s philosophy and wisdom.



Super large, as the name implies, is an oversized size. Since its introduction, it has always been a favorite element of all major brand designers. The more relaxed and more fat the design can well block the shortcomings of the body, the large-profile body is quite handsome and handsome. It can not only lengthen the proportion of the body, but also show the free and easy, which makes everyone love it. The extra-large items are also very easy to control. All kinds of height and body can wear their own style.


Pattern is one of the indispensable popular elements of fashion design. Whether it is pop art, cartoon graphics, abstract art, flowers, all of them are presented in costumes by printing, jacquard, embroidery and other techniques. Clothing seems to be the carrier of the mobility of works.

Stylish Flower Printing

The flower element is also one of the popular patterns of each season and it can be presented in different ways in spring, summer, autumn and winter. In the autumn and winter in this year, the expression of the flower pattern has become more complicated, and the craftsmanship of embroidery and collage has shown a more three-dimensional pattern. In the trend of fashion mix and match, the fusion of many different elements not only breaks through the media category of the original elements but also forms a new visual beauty and is more innovative. Designers are also very bold in the choice of color, strong color contrast and the coordination and integration of bright color blocks make the fashion fashionable and full of personality, harmonious and rich in various colors.

7.Sporty style

Throughout this year’s major fashion shows, you can find the sporty elements of vitality and passion, still the favorite of fashionable people. The sporty wind decoration is more avant-garde, and the details shift from authentic sports to Compound sports wind. Drawstrings, material mixes, knit blends and sporty stripes embellish feminine pieces, or stitch in an unexpected way to create a feminine sporty feel. Through exploration and comparison, we seek the balance between sports and fashion in a unique and free way. and just incorporate high-tech elements to embed various futuristic technology sportswear into high-fashion concept, showing the stylish and vibrant technology. Youth image. The combination of fashion and technology is one, showing the personality and passion that human beings should have in a new era.

8.Velvet elements

As early as the 16th century, velvet fabric became a symbol of the nobility. It exudes luxurious elegance and noble temperament. Silky texture and unique luster, plus a soft and smooth touch, with a strong “haute sense”, in the Victorian era has been eye-catching and loved and the long history has given it a strong retro atmosphere and with the return of the retro trend in recent years, the velvet fabric once again swept the fashion circle and became a fashionable element in 2018. Today, the design incorporates a variety of elements, whether it is a mix of fabrics or a variety of styles, it is a combination of retro and modern ingenious and elegant, Models wearing velvet costumes can be seen everywhere in Haute Couture Fashion Week. Noble and glamorous, beautiful and irresistible!

The velvet fabric represented by gorgeous retro has always been a popular item in autumn and winter. The soft and delicate velvet has a warm texture under the light, which makes people feel warm in the cold season.


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