Belt Bag & Fanny Pack – The New Darlings of the Waist Coming Back


The non-woven nylon purse that once appeared only on many tourists or dads is now popular in the fashion world. “Fashion is an infinite reincarnation.” You can never guess what the next fad will be. Those decades ago, the inexplicable may become the “new darling” of the moment, pockets are one of things, that the two last years frequently appears in various fashion street shoots, becoming one of the most fashionable items.

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Fanny pack, once known as the fashion killer in the bag industry, has been tried by many big brands several times, but it was never hot. Now however, it has become a hot item in the fashion circles for a variety of reasons. Perhaps It is the driving force of the retro trend and the sports style in the past two years. It may also be because of the increasingly close relationship between the practical needs of daily life and fashion. The designers have once again noticed this piece that is not fashionable but is super practical in daily life.

This past rustic pocket has been completely transformed by the major brands. From the structure and materials, but continues to retain its original functional and functional features and then the designers have incorporated the current popular elements. In recent seasons, it has appeared frequently on the runway. In the spring and summer show of Gucci 2018, the waist bag was used in many models, which became a highlights of the whole collection.

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Photo: GUCCI 2018SS

Now it has become a veritable trend, a must-have item for celebrities or street shooting. From big names to fast fashion brands, you can see it. Fanny packs are sweeping the fashion circle.

Photo: Kendall Jenner

There is no exact saying about the origin of the pockets. In the 1980s, it suddenly swept the United States and Europe. Especially popular with travelers, runners and dads who are busy with children. Reduce the bag type and add more layered and zipper pockets, and store your belongings such as keys and change. You only need to buckle your waist to release your hands.

But perhaps because actual pockets had become too popular, the functionality was greater than the sense of fashion and as the aesthetic changed, it slowly entered a downturn. In that era, pockets were not good-looking, but the practicality of the 1980s became one of the symbols of the classic era.

Photo: Dwayne Johnson

Nowadays, it has been meticulously transformed by the designers, which have improved the temperament and changed the temperament. We almost don’t recognize that this was once a fashion killer.

Going out with some necessary small items, no need to use the handbag, the style has also been properly adjusted, horizontally across the waist is no longer the only usage, the oblique in the chest is also a popular one.

Photo: Kendall Jenner

Nowadays, there are many styles, from the MINI type on the belt to the decorative type, to the large super practical type.

Photo:Emilio Pucci 2018 / Vogue Magazine

Photo:Miu Miu Resort 2018 / Vogue Magazine

And the fabrics vary from the previous nylon to the current leather, velvet, silk and futuristic fabrics.



This fashion piece, which was born out of functionality, is not only functional, but also has a strong decorative effect. You can also combine a variety of mini-waist bags of different shapes and colors around your waist to Instantly boost your look index.

Photo: Kenzo 2016SS / Vogue Magazine

When you wear oversized clothes, you can use it as a belt. It will lengthen the body proportions or just use it instead of your daily belt.

Photo: Kendall Jenner

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