20 global famous outdoor brands help us complete outdoor adventures


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 No.1 Arc’teryx (Canada)


Arc’teryx, founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1989, is Canada’s top outdoor brand and a recognized luxury brand with a near-crazy pursuit of new craftsmanship and new technology.

The name and logo of Arc’teryx come from the earliest known bird creature, Archaeopteryx, which is based on the “HMN1880 Berlin Specimen” (Berlin specimen) – the most complete archaeopteryx fossil ever discovered in Berlin around 1880.

In 2002, Arc’teryx was acquired by the Adidas-Salomon Group. Subsequently in 2005 Salomon was spun off from the A-S Group to the AmerSports Group in Finland. Today Arc’teryx is a subsidiary of Amer’s Salomon Group. However, Arc’teryx still maintains its independent operations in Vancouver, although some of its affiliated products have been moved to New Zealand, Vietnam and China. To date, its headquarters, design studios and major product lines are still in Vancouver. Due to its almost crazy pursuit of new processes and new technologies, in just over a decade it has grown into a recognized outdoor brand in North America and the world. With good products in the field of clothing and backpacks, Arc’teryx’s product line today still only covers outdoor apparel, backpacks and climbing gear.

Arc’teryx’s predecessor, RockSolid, was created by Dave Lane and Jeremy Guard. The earliest product was climbing equipment, designed and produced by the thermo-compression technology of the Vapor belt (Harness), which has become one of Arc’teryx’s most popular products… In the second year of the company’s operation, along with the expansion of the company, Arc’teryx launched the Bora series of backpacks using the same Vapor technology. In 1996, Arc’teryx was authorized by WLGore to use Gore-Tex fabrics to begin production of its new line of outdoor technology apparel.

Arc’teryx was quickly recognized as one of the most high-end outdoor brands and it also comes at a very high price. The best-selling products in its collection include ThetaSV and GammaMX jackets, and Arc’teryx’s designs have won numerous awards from professional outdoor magazines such as Backpacker, Outside, Climbing, Men’s Journal, and Powder.

For Arc’teryx, the best guise is, of course, the clothing series. Whether it is hardshell or softshell, almost everything can be described by art, and the clothing has perfect functions and excellent details, giving the outdoor users a full experience and perfect protection. It lets us get closer to the challenges of nature. From the snow-capped mountains to the rainy grasslands, Arc’teryx can bring you the happiest and most essential outdoor experiences. However, in terms of its price, most of its products are still the higher-end products of outdoor clothing because of its origin and the materials and the extreme pursuit of technology and function. Even high-income people in Europe and America find it expensive. Some of the relatively low-end clothing has already been produced in China, Vietnam and other places, reducing the corresponding production costs, but the demand for quality hasn’t changed.

No.2 The North Face® (American )

The North Face®, a famous American outdoor brand, was established in 1966 and is a key member of the US-listed company VF Group. It is headquartered in California, USA, and is a LEED Platinum-certified energy-saving and environmental protection industrial park dedicated to outdoor athletes. They provide professional equipment for every harsh adventure.

The image of the logo is a half dome – the mountain peak from Yosemite National Park in California and the company is named after the coldest and hardest climbing north slope of the mountain – the most difficult and most dangerous outdoor spirit. In 1997, The North Face® adopted a new promotional slogan – “Exploring Never Stops” – and has since become the brand’s most important spiritual slogan.

As the leading global outdoor sports brand, The North Face® is designed to explore and adapt to the limits of human potential with products that have been tested by athletes and adapted to a variety of outdoor needs. At the same time, the brand is committed to protecting the outdoor environment through sustainability projects minimize the impact of humans on the natural environment.

In 1968, the first product was the Sierra Parka jacket (in English, Sierra is the meaning of the toothed mountain), and this name is also derived from Doug Thompkins’ love of mountain climbing. It is the classic product of The North Face®. Each year, Sierra Parka jackets with different color schemes and innovative cuts are launched.

Also in 1968, the backpack became the biggest innovation since the creation of The North Face® brand, launching the first inner frame backpack Ruthsac, creating a revolutionary era of lightweight backpacks. In 1975, The North Face® introduced Oval InTENTion technology, and the innovative multifaceted dome design replaced the traditional A-shaped tent.


No.3 Patagonia (American)

Founded in 1975 by Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia is the world’s leading outdoor luxury brand, a global leader in the design and marketing of global functional and lifestyle apparel. It is like the Gucci of American outdoor brands, cutting and working perfectly.

The mountain peak on Patagonia’s logo is the Mt. Fitz Roy (located on the Fitz Roy peak in Argentina) where Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and friend Doug Tompkin climbed together in 1968. Mt. Fitz Roy is in the middle. The tallest rock wall and on the left hand side, there are two like stalagmites the rock wall, it is Cerro Torre.

For more than 30 years, Patagonia has been leading the development of environmentally conscious and innovative outdoor functional products and manufacturing technologies. As the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor equipment, Patagonia has always seems to be only for outdoor enthusiasts and mountaineers.

The cotton used by Patagonia is a natural and harmless green eco-cotton. It is because Patagonia actively advocates the concept of environmentally friendly clothes making politicians and actresses including US President Bill Clinton proud of owning Patagonia clothing.

No.4 Mountain Hardwear (American)

Mountain Hardwea is one of the top outdoor brands and is known for its top-quality materials, innovative design, superb workmanship and first-rate cutting – especially for hard-shell garments – and is considered a leader in outdoor brands. Headquartered in California, USA, there are also foundries in Asia, Vietnam, India and other places. The main products include outdoor clothing, tents, sleeping bags and backpacks.

Mountain Hardwear sponsors a number of athletes. Most are alpinists, climbers, or skiers. Sponsored athletes include:
Andrew Lock, Andrew McLean, Angela Payne, Bruce Cornell, Dawn Glanc, Erik Weihenmayer, Ethan Pringle, Matt Moniz, Freddie Wilkinson, Jake Meyer, James Heim, Jamling Norgay, Janet Bergman, Jim McNeill, Jon Glidden, Julia Niles, Kenton Cool , Kevin Mahoney, Michelle Parker, Mike Libecki, Neil Gresham, Robert Jasper, Ryan Boyer, Tim Emmet, and Vivian Bruchez.

Working with top climbers and sportsmen, Mountain Hardwear has been with them and may be the most ridiculous, primitive and steepest on earth, and may be enough to match the moon.

No.5 Salewa (Germany)

Founded in 1935 by Josef Liebhant in Germany, Salewa is Europe’s leading outdoor sports brand. SA means Saddler, LE means Leather, WA means Wares, and founder Josef Liebhant was the chairman of the German Horse Riding Association. In order to provide high quality harness for equestrian enthusiasts, a machine for the manufacture of harnesses and leather goods was registered. The main company.

In 1962, Salewa successfully developed and produced one of Salewa’s most successful products: the lightweight adjustable Crampon. The crampons have developed across the board, and Crampon’s production standards are widely used today.

In 1970, Salewa designed and produced the highly successful Mont Blanc backpack and launched the “Tubular Carabiners” series and in 1996, Salewa the “Mercedes Benz” launched the air network system, Salewa for backpacks, and Mercedes for car seats.

In 1997, the ATTAC lock (as long as the same product can be hooked or unhooked in half the time) and the Honeycomb helmet (more than 30% impact, the lightest helmet is only 250G) caused a revolution in its class.

In 1999, the “Alpinextrem” series was launched and successfully acquired the famous skiing product brand “Silvetta”.

In 2003, Salewa successfully acquired the world famous ski brand Dynafit (the only company in the world that produces a full range of ski equipment).

In 2005, Salewa developed the environmentally friendly and durable patented fabric Ingeo® and began producing footwear.

In 2006, Salewa launched a line of shoes with a “100% not grinding feet” commitment to sell more than 50,000 pairs upon launch.

No.6 Vaude (Germany)

Vaude brand was founded in 1975 by Albrecht von Dewitz, located on the shores of Lake Constance, in the scenic Untereisenbach. Here you can see the stunning scenery of Switzerland, Austria and the German Alps.

As early as 1975, Vaude began designing and producing backpacks for mountaineers. By 1997 Vaude’s products had been developed to include mountaineering bags, sleeping bags, tents and functional clothing for all kinds of sports.

The founder of the company, Mr. Albrecht von Dewitz, was personally responsible for the development of backpacks and tents and these two products won two awards for European outdoor sports products – the European “European Outdoor Innovation Prize” and the US “US-Back Packer Editors Award”. The invention was first invented and realized the contribution of the rain protection function of the mountaineering backpack. Outa, a new material from Vaude’s latest development and promotion market, is a constant temperature material. This material keeps body temperature longer and more stable, reducing hypothermia and body temperature loss. It is worth mentioning that Vaude is the first European company to receive important awards in the US outdoor products field.

Vaude is also the only backpack brand in Europe that can enter the North American market. Vaude’s competition for Big Pack remains low-key, and the price is lowered to attract customers. Vaude is in the same grade series, and the price is slightly lower than Big Pack. In terms of clothing, it has Some of his own patented materials, such as SympaTex, Triple-X, Windproof, etc.

Vaude began producing backpacks and selling mountaineering equipment in 1974. It launched tents in 1978, began production of sleeping bags in 1979, and developed and produced functional clothes in 1980. In 1983, Ward launched the SPACE tent, which is the first round-shaped tent with continuous poles on the market. It is an innovation in the history of the tent. This tent has sold 100,000 tops and is still in the tent. An important member.

In 1988, Vaude developed the magical “Mark” series of tents. The “Mark” tents are easy to set up even in very bad weather conditions. They are flexible through a unique strut structure based on engineering principles. The rope secures the tent to the outer struts.

With the successful development of the Tergoflex carrying system in 1989, the first backpack with a plastic frame carrying system was produced. It adjusts the length of the frame to the optimum load condition for the contours of the user’s back. In the field of backpacks, Vaude’s latest patents include the adjustable shoulder strap system F.L.A.S.H and the ultra-light carrying system Tergolight, which guarantees a high degree of flexibility in physical activity even when the backpack has a very heavy load.

Vaude has developed the TransActive film structure and other functional materials and patented it. In 2001, Vaude invented the high-tech material structure of Dryjeans. Since 2003, Vaude has cooperated with BHA. BHA has a leading position in film technology. The eVENT textile film material developed by it has twice the gas permeability of ordinary film materials.

All Vaude products are developed in Germany, and Mr. Dewitz himself is involved in every development. Close cooperation with professional athletes ensures that all Vaude products have successfully undergone field testing. Vaude has its own experimental center and product development center, which is mainly used for research on high-frequency welding, heat transfer performance and ultrasonic technology. In Germany, Vaude is the first company to establish a climate laboratory for testing sleeping bags. .

In 1995, Vaude had an eco-label and operated the first business to recycle functional fabrics for the production of raw materials. Vaude is also the first manufacturer of sports products that produce garments that meet the standards of the basket printing (the largest standard without hazardous substances).

Vaude has been an official partner of the German Mountaineering Association (DAV) since 2002, and DAV is the world’s largest association of climbers. Has more than 650,000 members.

No.7 Black Yak (Korea)

Black Yak is a high-end brand owned by Korea Dongjin Company, which specializes in the research and production of outdoor casual wear and equipment such as camping, mountain climbing and rock climbing.

The black yak lives in a plateau with a harsh natural environment at an altitude of 3,000-6,000 m. It is extremely cold-resistant and inhabits the inaccessible alpine mountains, mountain basins, plateau grasslands and other environments throughout the year. Very adaptable. The animals that ride and transport in the highlands enjoy the reputation of “the boat of the highlands”.

In February 1973, Jiang Taishan (now president of Dongjin Co., Ltd., vice president of the Korea Mountain Alliance, president of the Seoul Mountain Alliance) and several young people who love mountain climbing set up the “Dongjin Mountain” in Seoul, Korea. These young people are based on their own clothing, backpacks, tents and various safety equipment. Through continuous improvement and development, outdoor clothing, hiking backpacks and tents are gradually recognized by mountaineering enthusiasts and related groups. In 1976, it was finally registered as Pro-Giant. Pro-Giant is not only the predecessor of Black Yak series outdoor climbing products, but also represents the development level of Korean mountaineering products at that time. In 1979, it was selected as the designated field supplier of Korean Boy Scouts organization. In June 1994, Dongjin Mountain Officially changed its name to Dongjin Co., Ltd.

Black Yak has extensive professional cooperation with top professional designers, advanced production management equipment and more than 20 world brand manufacturers such as Black Diamond, Marmot, Scarpa, Craft and Gore-Tex, Dupont and other world-class fabric manufacturers. It includes professional mountaineering outdoor products including clothing, shoes and hats, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, gloves, socks, etc.

Black Yak products strive for excellence in material selection. The final fabrics are all world-class materials, such as: Gore-Tex XCR, Wind Stopper, Coolmax, Epic Power Stretch, Supplex, etc. Black Yak product development department always from the extreme environment Starting from product development, the products developed were put on the market after being certified by professional mountaineers and professionals.

No.8 Berghaus (UK)

Founded in 1966, the company is a British brand of outdoor sports. This brand, designed for camping and outdoor sports, designs and produces mountaineering hiking shoes and mountaineering suits.

In 1974-1975 it manufactured the world’s first outdoor backpack (Cyclops) with an internal bracket carrying system. In 1977, Berghaus took the lead in introducing Goretex materials. In 1978-1979, Berghaus first introduced the Yeti Super Snow Cover, which is an epoch-making era. Invented, it helps humans to print the footsteps of adventure across the cold corners of the earth.

In 1986, a large number of professional products for professional explorers and extreme sports enthusiasts, the representative work of this period is Berghaus’s Trango jacket, due to excellent design and styling, this flagship jacket has been selling for 12 years. For a long time, accompanied by many explorers through every corner of the earth, undoubtedly become the “classic” of outdoor clothing, the following year Berghaus has independently developed the Attak sole.

Berghaus was also one of the first manufacturers to design outdoor clothing and equipment for women. In 1988, the Pulsar women’s backpack launched by Berghaus was deeply loved by female consumers. At the same time, Berghaus has collaborated with many famous female mountaineers, explorers and many outstanding female rock climbers to develop and test products. Berghaus has new products every season, which gives us more choices.

No.9 BlackDiamond (America)

Black Diamond, founded in 1958 by Yvon Chouinard, was formerly known as Chouinard Equipment, an outdoor sports equipment brand from the United States. In Black Diamond, all stories are related to climbing and skiing. Like everyone else, they have a passion for rock, ice and snow. This same experience is driving Black Diamond’s ongoing efforts to provide the best equipment for all climbers and skiers in the world’s extended family.

The company’s design team is such a group of climbing enthusiasts and ski masters, they have the most essential understanding of their hobbies, they are constantly pursuing perfect product design. Black Diamond has always believed that the best design comes from the needs of end users, because only users know what they need. When you are crazy on the big rock wall solo, get up early and use the time before going to work to ski, you may have a more intimate recognition of the company’s products.

Before the official launch, the company’s products were thoroughly tested in the field for a long time, and the company’s designers experienced their designs and found out their shortcomings and defects.

In 1968, Chouinard introduced the world’s first rigid front teeth crampons, facilitating the transition from a step-chopping approach to a more rapid and efficient front-tooth climbing approach.

In 1969, Chouinard cast the world’s first down-curved, anti-angle hail-type hail, which can accommodate a variety of ice and snow terrain. This invention also promotes ice climbing enthusiasts to challenge higher ice wall difficulty levels.

In 1972, an article published in the catalogue of Chouinard’s equipment played a decisive role in the development of mountaineering. The concept of low-impact mountaineering was first introduced to mountaineering. In order to make the climbing mountain more clean and clean, the concept advocates not using permanent anchor points and rock cones to make mountaineering more environmentally friendly and provide for later climbers. An original, equipment-free, climbing environment. To complement this philosophy, Chouinard introduced the new Hexentrics hexagon plug and Stoppers rock plug, which is easy to use and can be used repeatedly. Since then, Hexentrics and Stoppers have been improved several times, and today they still appear on the Black Diamond product line.

In the late 1970s, Chouinard invented a new product, the tubular ice cone, which was the only tubular ice cone on the market at the time.

In the early 1980s, Chouinard introduced XCD Binding, a heat-treated aluminum alloy material, and in 1984 introduced the world’s first Cable Binding. In addition to providing superior stability, it provides faster bite protection between the boot and the snowboard when you are turning your knees. These two innovations have made Black Diamond a pioneer in this field.

In 1992, Black Diamond and Italy’s Scarpa cooperated to produce the world’s first pair of plastic ski boots. So far in the field of knee-swinging skiing, Black Diamond’s equipment has never been surpassed in terms of innovation and reputation. At the same time Black Diamond also launched the AvaLung II avalanche vest, which can help users who are buried by avalanches to earn valuable rescue time.

The Turbo Express Ice Screw, an improved tubular cone, is the world’s fastest ice cone for screwing into the ice wall.
And launched the world’s lightest all-round iron lock Nutrino; its Half Dome climbing helmet is simple and comfortable to wear, and has been popular ever since.

There are clear laws in Europe that require all products designed to protect high-altitude falls to be certified in terms of design and production processes. For climbing equipment, all manufacturers need to meet relevant European or EN standards.
Black Diamond uses the EN standard as a monitoring program to ensure that all of the company’s products meet the safety standards of the EN standard. That is to say, all of Black Diamond’s climbing technology equipment, especially those that may be subjected to the fall (such as iron locks, mechanical plugs and rock plugs) must undergo rigorous testing with consistent standards. These efforts bring reliable equipment to the climbers.

No.10 Aigle (France)

Aigle originated in 1853 and was founded in France by American Hutchinson. It is a well-known outdoor leisure brand in France and is headquartered in Paris, France. Specializing in providing functional casual jackets and fashionable rubber boots with a sense of fashion design, and taking inspiration from sailing and equestrian activities, it fully reflects the outdoor leisure lifestyle of the French nation. In Europe, 65% of outdoor sportsmen have purchased and experienced Aigle products, and in Greek mythology, Aigle is the heavenly eagle constellation.

Launched in 1973, Ecuyer is the world’s best-selling riding boots. After 165 years of development, it has gradually become a synonym for outdoor products in France.

Of particular note is the 2002 Aigle’s two new fabrics combined with high-tech concepts: Fry-Fasttextile (quick-dry fabric) This fabric is treated with unique technology to allow the material to absorb the sweat generated by the human body during the activity and then discharged to the surface of the garment to quickly evaporate the moisture. Therefore, the body can be kept fresh and comfortable.

UV-Control (UV-resistant fabric) fabric is specially treated with Ceramic particles to prevent the exposure of UV rays to human skin. The degree of protection can reach the highest level of sun protection 30.

In 2008, Aigle assisted Nicolas Vanier and his team in the filming of the latest movie “Wolf” in the Far East of Siberia as an opportunity to launch an environmental adventure series named after their name. Nicolas Vanier is the writer and director of “Wolf”, telling the legendary story between a nomadic youth and a Siberian wolf.

The “Aigle-Nicolas Vanier Expedition Series” uses all natural and natural materials, and widely uses organic cotton and recycled fabrics. The series can cope with the severe cold conditions of minus 20 degrees Celsius to minus 60 degrees Celsius in the extreme north, and has passed rigorous testing in the ice bank of the professional research institute and has stable performance. Each of the design elements of the collection can be found in the vast north poles, demonstrating the unique features of Aigle’s outdoor apparel’s stylish casual design, while ensuring functionality and environmental friendliness. Special attention is paid to the series’ specially designed series, which symbolizes Aigle’s “Eagle” and is surrounded by the “wolf” symbolizing Nicolas Vanier, symbolizing the two together to protect nature for common natural values.

No.11 Marmot (American)

Marmots are American outdoor products. In English words, Marmot is a small animal living in the alpine mountains. In the eyes of climbers, she is as vital as the mountains. She is a 30-year-old marmot. It is also one of the most famous outdoor brands in the United States for the mountain sports equipment brand of the mascot. Marmot’s logo is a snow-white peak with a “M” letter gradient on a red circular background – “Marmot” is the place with mountains.

Marmot For Life, born for the outdoors. Most of Marmot’s products are inspected in extreme environments by mountain guides and professional outdoor athletes, skiers, etc. The products are designed and improved to better protect the athlete’s body and give the athletes an extreme outdoor environment. More comfort and power are the goal. Marmot’s products are trusted by consumers through superior functionality and durability.

The core of Marmot is to let everyone feel the joy of sports. The outdoor sports have a strong appeal, which will make our life colorful and full of vitality. Marmot products will make you feel comprehensive in the process of wearing, its special design and tailoring will make the movement more comfortable.

Marmot has four test centers around the world, in France, England and the United States, to evaluate the functionality, durability, comfort and diversity of Marmot products. Marmot Design and Product Engineers are based on test centers. Evaluate the data and then improve the product.

No.12 Columbia (Colombia)

The Columbia brand was founded in 1938. At that time, Oregon often rained. So in the early years, Columbia started out as a raincoat and rain hat. Nowadays, it has developed into the world’s largest after continuous development of various outdoor sportswear and high-tech fabrics. The outdoor clothing brand, its superior product quality surpasses the test and is recognized by the people of the world.

Columbia has launched a range of shoes and accessories including outdoor casual wear, sportswear, off-road and lightweight.

Columbia is committed to developing innovative products that are both functional and stylish, providing high quality brand value.

Since then, it has continuously developed diversified products and researched high-tech fabrics. Among them, exclusive research and development of the classic patent fabrics – Omni-Tech (windproof waterproof breathable fabric), Omni-Dry (quick-drying fabric), has passed strict quality technical test (Tested Tough) ), combined with the excellent three-dimensional cutting design, Interchange System three-in-one design, fully meet personal needs, providing the best convenience and flexibility.

No.13 Mammut (Swiss)

Mammut is a Swiss outdoor products company founded by Kaspar Tanner in Dintikon in 1862 and has a history and development of more than 150 years. The company is headquartered in Seon, very close to Zurich, Switzerland. Mammut is one of the largest manufacturers of mountaineering and outdoor gear, with 5 series of mountain climbing, rock climbing, skiing, trail running and hiking.

No.14 Norrøna (Norwegian)

Norrøna is a Norwegian outdoor clothing and sports equipment brand. The company was founded in 1929 by Jørgen Jørgensen and includes skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, mountaineering, hiking, hunting and arctic surfing.
Norrøna is known for innovation, and Norrøna promotes “gorgeous” colors in outdoor clothing. Their flagship product is Lofoten, snow suit, loose cut, suitable for off-road or alpine skiing or snowboarding, and is widely imitated. Their collections are traditionally named after the design location of these particular garments. For example, the Lofoten collection was designed for free riding in the mountains of Lofoten, Norway, and their Fjørå collection was designed for monorail mountain bikes, inspired by the village of Fjørå in Norway. The Sunmore Fjord is home to a network of monorail mountain bike trails.

No.15 Haglofs (Sweden)

It is Europe’s leading outdoor high-end brand. Haglofs was founded by Victor Haglof in the town of Dalarna, Sweden in 1914. It was founded at the beginning of the production of backpacks. Today, Haglofs has grown to become Sweden’s largest outdoor brand and the largest outdoor product manufacturer and provider in the Nordic region. It has a full line of outdoor gear and is divided into three categories: apparel, footwear and accessories.

The unique Scandinavian natural environment is the source of inspiration for Norrøna products, with products first, high-tech materials, advanced manufacturing processes, lightweight design, high ease of use and long durability. They are all designed with their own features. At the same time, their products pay great attention to the use of recyclable materials during the production process.

No.16 Fjallraven (Sweden)

Founded by Ake Nordin in 1960, Fjallraven is a high-end outdoor brand with a leading market share in Sweden. It is also the Swedish royal brand and the only outdoor brand that has won the Swedish royal brand.

Fjallraven is Swedish, “Fjall” means “Arctic”, and “Raven” means “fox” in Swedish.

Starting from a wooden backpack frame, the Fjallraven brand has grown into a comprehensive professional outdoor leisure brand for 50 years. It has a range of products including backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and outdoor clothing, with products and services all over the world.

Fjallraven outdoor products are powerful, durable, timeless, reliable, easy to use and versatile.

2012: Launched the top-of-the-line collection: Numbers, which is named after the numbers, representing the highest-end and most classic collection of Arctic foxes. Designed with environmental protection and durability as the core design concept, it is suitable for wearing all year round. Gait Trousers No1, the main trousers, has won several international awards since its launch, including the SOG-winning Product of the Year Award and the ISPO 2012 Best Product Award nomination.

No.17 Lafuma (French)

The three Lafuma brothers – Victor, Alfred and Gabriel – founded Lafuma in 1930. Lafuma is a French based company that specializes in outdoor equipment and clothing, such as backpacks, sleeping bags, and footwear. They also offer a wide variety of other equipment, earning comparisons to United States-based companies such as Patagonia and Columbia Sportswear. Group brands include Eider, Millet and Oxbow. The Lafuma clothing brands have been personified by sport personalities and recently by the French actor and stuntman Karl E. Landler.

No.18 Jack Wolfskin (UK)

Jack Wolfskin is a major English producer of outdoor wear and equipment headquartered in Idstein , It was founded by Ulrich Dausien in 1981. Their products include mountain and leisure clothing, footwear , rucksacks , sleeping bags , and tents. The brand is popular not only among hikers and mountaineers but predominantly worn in everyday situations;

Jack Wolfskin outdoor products include ski series, hiking series (long-distance walking, urban leisure) and mountain climbing series. Other products include gloves, hats, scarves, etc., and the clothing is also fashionable. The more important product travel series has UV and anti-dirt effects, while the other anti-mosquito design is a very magical design.

No.19 Klattermusen (Sweden)

Klättermusen – the Swedish outdoor high-end brand – is a sophisticated manufacturer of mountaineering equipment. Founded in 1975, Klättermusen combines practicality and extreme durability with eco-friendly design and materials to provide unparalleled weather and unpredictable environments for outdoor enthusiasts.

From frozen arctic mountains to deep forests, Klättermusen’s groundbreaking innovations provide the world’s climbers, hikers and expeditions with more than 40 years of maximum safety and comfort.

Klättermusen’s products are rigorously tested under realistic conditions and are durable.

No.20 Eider Cepheus (  France)

Eider originated in 1962 when the French Alps were close to the hinterland of Mont Blanc. Eider’s name comes from a Nordic bird called Eider Duck, which is rich in delicate soft fluff and is the raw material for making fine duck down, duck down shirts and pillows.

Eider mainly focuses on outdoor clothing, from skiing to mountaineering, from hiking to rock climbing and also produces some backpacks for climbing. For higher-end adventures and A-style mountaineering clothing, Eider has always been a pioneer in the use of high-tech materials, especially Gore-Tex materials, and based on their test center in the hinterland of the Alps, the products are constantly being tested and continuously improved.



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