15 Ways to Improve White Shirt Fashion


1. Roll the sleeves above the elbows like Victoria Beckham, instantly highlighting the spirit and create a succinct, neat temperamentful look.

2. Knotted at the hem of a white shirt, visually lengthening the proportion of the legs, not only spices up your personality, but also makes you look taller.

3. Take a short black tube top underwear and untie all the twist buttons on the white shirt. Only tie the knot at the corner of the clothes. This not only to lengthens the body proportion, but also to create a layered feeling.

4. Put the side of the white shirt into the trousers, and the other side is exposed. This not only highlights the waist line, but also your stylish personality.

5. Untie the two twist buttons at the neckline of the white shirt, then pull the shirt down to reveal the shoulders and collarbone to create a sexy look.

6. Or only half of the shoulder line and create a kind of looming beauty.

7. Attach the sweater to the waist of the white shirt or tie it to the neck, which not only creates a sense of layering, but also sets off the overall shape. Elegant and retro.

8. When you are wearing a long white shirt, you can put a belt around your waist like this.

9. Or put the popular Fanny pack around your waist and not only lengthen the proportion of the body, but also make the overall layering and the street is full of style.

10. When the weather is cold, put a loose short sweater on the outside of the white shirt. Not only keeps you warm, but also stylish and individual.

11. When you are wearing a white shirt, you can untie the two buttons at the neckline like the blogger above, and attach a square scarf to the neck to add a bright spot to the overall shape.

12. When you wear an oversize shirt skirt, you can untie the buckle at the hem until our waist. Not only to give the overall shape a layered, but also a flowing elegant beauty.

13. You can also – like this blogger – replace it with a white shirt and tie it to your waist to not only cover the shortcomings of the lower body, but also create a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

14. Unlock the button of the white shirt until the chest position, and hang the sunglasses we usually wear on the chest position of the shirt, so that the overall shape is more fashionable.

15. If you want to be unique in style, the reverse wear shirt is absolutely eye-catching, full of personality, and adds a new vitality to your style.

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