Gucci and GQ Teamed up to Launch New Video: The Performers – Act IX by Jeremy Harris


In the new episode of Gucci and GQ’s video series “The Performers”, playwright Jeremy O. Harris travels to Berlin.
As he prepares to leave the formative nest of Yale, Jeremy enters a successful professional career with his signature voice – capturing the audience’s attention with provoking political narratives including themes of gender, sexuality and ethnicity. For the new act of the series, Jeremy O. Harris collaborated with “Lemon” writer-director Janizca Bravo whose voice is almost imperceptible in the film co-writing the film’s humorous and politically charged script, sound-tracked by Moses.

Strolling around Berlin while wearing pieces from the latest men’s collection, he explains that he was driven by a desire to expand cultural representations and inclusivity in the world of theater: “Tall, lanky, queer and black – in the small corner of the world where I was looking for plays, I didn’t find anything that looked enough like me” and he later adds “Berlin has a recognition of responsibly of a dark past, and a safeguarding of progressivism and inclusion.”

Music: Moses Sumney
Stylist: Luke Day

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