Gucci and GQ Teamed up to Launch New Video: The Performers Act X | Jacques Auberger



The new Act of ‘The Performers’ series in collaboration with GQ introduces Jacques Augerber, a French musician who has an innovative approach to making transversal techno.
Filmed in Morocco by director Cloé Bailly, near a little town called Taghazout, where Jacques built a studio to experiment and contemplate the world, the video shows how Jacques captures the noises of his daily life. From dropping a plastic spinning top in a metal bowl to the sound of a piece of A4 paper being folded, and records and loops them into his live performances.
“I like the idea that any sound can turn into music once it’s displayed in a musical context,” he explains. “It reminds me that everyone can find his place in the world and I want my music to transmit this idea to people, people who maybe aren’t so aware of such a thing.”
Jacques is not just a musician. Music is simply his present medium of expression. “I made music in order to share ideas, meet people, travel around the world, earn a living, and have fun. Music isn’t the most important thing to me. But believing that music is important isn’t a mindset that leads me to compose good music. So, music? It’s not so important…”
Music: original composition by Jacques Auberger

Source: Gucci

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