How the British Royal Family Decorates Their Palace for Christmas


Christmas is of great significance to each of us, especially for the royal royal family. As Christmas approaches, the Royal Family is busy preparing for Christmas. A 30-foot fir Christmas tree is installed and decorated outside Kensington Palace and the trees are decorated with sparkling lights and gold-colored ornaments.

At Buckingham Palace, every year, the marble hall has three marble trees and garlands fixed along the large stairs, while the Christmas tree is lit with lights, red bows, crowned crowns and other royal themed decorations.

In the late 18th century, Queen Charlotte of George III introduced to the United Kingdom the custom of displaying Christmas trees. Although it was a yew tree rather than a cedar tree, this Christmas tree was promoted by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the 19th century. The Christmas tree standing in Buckingham Palace today was planted in Windsor.

In Queen Elizabeth’s Scottish home, the Holyroodhouse, there is a huge Christmas tree decorated with gold and red in the throne room. The Christmas tree is in harmony with the newly-painted Charles II paintings and the red bow, white light and garland are hung on the big stairs.


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