Top 10 Famous Ski Resorts in the World


1. St. Moritz Ski Resort (Switzerland)

The St. Moritz Ski Resort is located in Switzerland and is connected by a number of snow-capped mountains. The facilities are luxurious and are known as the birthplace of winter sports. St. Moritz is a high-end resort with a pleasant climate and has always been known for hosting high-level winter sports. It used to be the venue for the two Winter Olympics, so the level of ski facilities is extremely high. The St. Moritz Ski Resort is the originator of the winter sports.

There are 4 large ski areas near St. Moritz, including Piz Nair, high-slung Shushan, Piz Muragl and Diavolezza. There is a 350 km ramp with a height of more than 3,000 meters.

2. Whistler Ski Area (Canada)

Whistler Mountain Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Whistler, North America, about 120 kilometers north of Vancouver, Canada. From 1992 to 1995, Whistler won the ski magazine SnowCountry "North America's first ski resort" for four consecutive years. Reputation for “Best Resort Design”. It is also one of the ski areas for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Launched in 1966, Whistler Mountain Ski Resort covers an area of 3,657 acres with an elevation of 1,530 meters and has more than 100 ski runs. It is the largest ski resort in Canada. 25% of the professional ski trails, 55% of the ski slopes designed for mid-level skiers, and 20% are suitable for beginners.

3. Åre Ski Area (Sweden)

Ole, located in the province of Jämtland in central Sweden, is one of the must-see ski areas. It is the largest and most well-equipped winter ski resort in Northern Europe, and the 2007 World Cup Alpine Ski Championships are held here. The Åre Ski Resort has 98 separate trails and 44 cable cars, with a total length of 98 km. There are challenging cross-country ski slopes, gentle skiing for beginners and children and thrilling helicopter skiing. In addition to skiing, you can also do dog sledding, snowmobiles, ice fishing, cross-country skiing and more.

4. Titlis Snow Mountain (Switzerland)

Titlis Snow Mountain, also known as Titlis, is a famous scenic spot in the Alps. It is 3238 meters above sea level and is part of the Swiss Alps. In the middle of the Obwalden region of Switzerland, it is a 1.5 hour drive from the Engelberg village.

There are more than 30 ski trails in the Swiss Titlis Snow Mountain, and under the guidance of the coaches, visitors have the opportunity to challenge non-fixed skiing. It is part of the Alps and is the highest peak in central Switzerland. It is also a paradise for mountaineers, skiers and snow lovers. Located in the heart of the Alps, Switzerland has 48 peaks above 4000 meters above sea level and more than 200 ski resorts. The Swiss have created many of Europe and even the world's highest cable car station in Europe, the highest train in Europe. Station, the world's first 360-degree panoramic cable car, etc., allows visitors to integrate natural scenery in all directions and from multiple angles.

5. The Lake Louise Ski Area (Canada)

Lake Louise Ski Resort is located near the town of Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Canada. The Lake Louise Ski Resort is home to three world-class championship ski resorts in Banff National Park (Sunshine Village Ski Resort, Louis One of the Silk Lake Ski Resorts and the Nou Mountain Ski Resorts, which is one of the longest snow seasons in North America. From November to mid-May, the average snowfall is more than 30 feet (9 meters). Fine powder snow.

The Louise Ski Resort covers an area of ​​approximately 4,200 acres with 145 slides spread over four peaks, 35 ski trails for beginners, 63 ski slopes for mid-level skiers, and 41 professional-level skiers. The designed ski trails and the well-designed slide layout allow junior, intermediate and even professional skiers to find suitable slides in the resort and experience the fun of the Rocky Mountains. Equipment rental and dining and relaxation areas are available on the ski slopes. In addition to regular skiing, it is also the preferred destination for cross-country skiing. The exquisite snow trails in the natural wilderness, the changing corners, the up and down slopes and the downhill skiing area present great challenges for skiers.

6. Kitzbühel Ski Area (Austria)

Kitzbühel is known as the "Pearl of the Alps" and is the most famous holiday resort in Tyrol, Austria. This seven-hundred-year-old mountain village has been skiing since the winter of 1892. There is the "world's most thrilling" take-off runway and the birthplace of downhill skiing. If you decide to go to Kitzbühel in January, you can see the Hahnenkamm brave downhill ski race held here every year.

7. Zermatt Ski Area (Switzerland)

The small town of Zermatt in Switzerland is beautiful, peaceful and serene; Zermatt is a paradise for all skiers with one of the world's second largest vertical ski resorts; Zermatt is a luxury place and expensive ski suits can be robbed in an instant.

Zermatt is considered to be the best in Switzerland and even the best ski resort in the world. The Zermatt Ski Resort is located at the foot of the Matterhorn, the world's famous peak. The Matterhorn area of Zermatt is the world's top ski resort. The total length of the trail is 250 km. It has the second largest vertical drop in the world. (Upper and lower by lift), the altitude difference is 2,200 meters, a total of 74 sets of various mountaineering transport facilities for all types of skiers.
The crane station is as high as 3,820 meters, which is the highest place in the world where cranes can reach. The cable car, mountain railway and ski lift can carry up to 75,180 people in one hour. Together with the magical Matterhorn, this white wonderland offers visitors endless skiing opportunities and an all-encompassing tour.

8. Aspen Ski City (USA)

Aspen is a typical American ski town connected to four distinctive ski mountains – Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk, Aspen Heights and Snowmass. Among them, Buttermilk is the ski slope for junior skiers, the other three are vertically larger and steeper. Although it feels great to slide down from the foot of the mountain, it is not good for anyone. It is only suitable for skilled craftsmanship. Skiers, especially the brake technology at the foot of the mountain, are very demanding. If you are brave enough, but the technology is not high, you are afraid that you will directly rush into the cafe under the mountain.


9.Chamonix Mont-Blanc((France)

The Chamonix Ski Resort is located at the foot of Mont Blanc (4810 m), the highest peak in Europe. As one of the most famous ski resorts in the world, it has the world's largest cable car service system and the longest slide. Since Chamonix is one of the origins of modern European mountaineering technology, you can buy the world's top climbing equipment here.

10. Vail Ski Area (USA)

Vail is the giant of the world's ski resorts – both in scale and reputation. It stretches 5,289 acres across 6 miles and 7 legendary mountains.

The Vail Ski Resort has over 120 designated slides where skiers can try a variety of challenging terrains. The vertical drop of the Vail Ski Resort is more than 1,000 meters. Skiers can choose a place and dive down to experience the excitement and pleasure of the vertical drop. The Vail Ski Resort has 7 ski resorts full of legendary mountains. It has a long and exciting snowy road and several different terrain parks in the former mountains. It is a paradise for beginners, while the back mountain is constantly stretched and has a vast expanse. The Linhai Snowfield, with a maximum of more than 3,500 meters, is a challenging resort for mid-level skiers and senior skiers.


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