These Super-simple Indoor Tips Inject New Elements Into Your Home


For most of us, this year is undoubtedly the year in which we stay at home for the longest time. Regarding the environment that we have to face 24 hours a day, have you experienced aesthetic fatigue? So before entering the new season, it’s time to start making some small changes to it. We don’t need to make a major renovation, sometimes some simple indoor tips can make your home refreshed, comfortable, and warm.

Read on to see what tips our editor has brought you this time.

1. You might as well put 1.2 fresh oranges that we bought in the supermarket on the coffee table and bookcase at home.

The bright orange tone not only embellishes but also the orange peel scent that it emits, which is not only pleasant but also a Natural air freshener (remember to change frequently)


2. If you are a green plant lover, but unfortunately, you are a veritable plant killer, then put the same beautiful dried flowers at home.

Here, you can freely use your creative ability and use different dried flowers to make flower arrangements and place them at home; you can also buy a few reeds or gypsophila and simply put them in a vase. They save trouble and worry. For those of us who don’t know how to take care of flowers and plants and don’t have time to take care of them, this is a great way.

3. Put new clothes on your plants

You can replace the original glassware with a warm-colored porcelain vase. If you don’t want to buy a new vase, then you can also pick up a paintbrush and paint some paintings on the original plain bottle as decoration. If you don’t want to paint, just decorate a bow on the bottle. It can be made of linen cloth or light gauze.

4. Add or replace some paintings

You can buy it, or you can create it yourself. Now we have a lot of time to go to youtube to learn how to draw, right? If you really can’t learn it, we can just pick up a paintbrush and draw a few lines at will. We must have confidence in ourselves. It’s time to decorate an abstract art painting or simple words of your own creation at home.
In addition, we can also print out the photos of our beloved pets that we usually capture or photos of our family members and decorate them on the wall.

5. Put a decorative mirror at home

The mirror is not only used by us to makeup and dress up, it is definitely a good home decoration. Whether it is a French palace style embossed golden retro mirror or a rattan mirror, it is a good choice. However, there is no need to put it too many mirrors in the home.

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