K-POP ‘Seventeen’ Captivates With Their ‘2021 Seventeen Online Concert


SEVENTEEN held their ‘2021 SEVENTEEN ONLINE CONCERT <IN-COMPLETE>’ this past weekend, further establishing their “Performance Powerhouse” status as they brought their signature ebullience and energy into the homes of fans in more than 122 countries/regions around the world.

In their first concert in nearly a year and a half, the act performed more than 20 songs over the course of three hours, delighting fans with a dynamic mix of old favorites and unveiling never-before-performed tracks from their recent EP, Heng:garæ, and special album, ; [Semicolon].

Fans were thrilled to see SEVENTEEN’s unit leaders S.COUPS, HOSHI and WOOZI opening the show with “Intro. New World,” a track off their second full length album, before being joined by the members for “BRING IT,” “MY I,” “Flower,” “Fear,” and a charismatic group performance of “Fearless.”

Slowing things down for a Korean version of the band’s second Japanese single, “Fallin’ Flower,” and “THANKS,” the act switched up the strong and hard-hitting tempo for a softer and more sentimental one — showcasing their wide range of versatility and mastery of all genres.

Welcoming fans to their first online concert, the band remarked, “Although it’s a little disappointing that we’re meeting our fans online and not in person after such a long time, we’re very thankful more than anything else, to be able to meet at least in this way.” They raised anticipation for the evening by adding, “We’ve prepared meticulously to show high-quality performances tonight, and we hope our fans enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.”

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After group performances of fan-favorites, “Lie Again” and “Kidult,” SEVENTEEN’s official units took to the stage: with the hip hop unit flexing their flow and rhyme finesse in “Back it up,” the vocal unit mesmerizing fans with the sentimental “Habit,” and the performance team tearing up the stage with the ever so smooth “MOONWALKER.”

In addition to their official unit performances, the band also showed off new formations loosely based on their birth years to showcase tracks from ; [Semicolon] for the very first time.

The Photo Courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment

The 1995-line, S.COUPS, JEONGHAN, and JOSHUA, started off with a suave and charming performance of acid jazz track, “AH! LOVE,” followed by a sensual performance of Bossa Nova-based track, “Light a Flame,” from JUN, HOSHI, WONWOO, and WOOZI (1996-line). THE 8, MINGYU, and DK, members of the 1997 age-line enthralled fans with a retro funky performance of “HEY BUDDY,” followed by the refreshingly vivid “Do Re Mi” from SEUNGKWAN, VERNON and DINO.

The band then moved on to the lively lineup of “Snap Shoot,” “Left & Right,” and “HOME;RUN” where their newest releases, “Left & Right” and “HOME;RUN,” brought a riveting musical-like experience to life. Flanked by dozens of back dancers and utilizing props to create a stage reminiscent of a 1990s jazz bar, SEVENTEEN turned the stage into their own personal Broadway, further solidifying their “Performance Powerhouse” and “Theatre Kids of K-pop” status.

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The highlight of the show was a surprise event where the pre-recorded voices of fans serenaded the band with a moving rendition of “Us, Again,” a song which holds great meaning to both CARATs and SEVENTEEN. The act then responded with each member sharing their final remarks and conveying how dearly they miss their fans: “It’s the first time we’re performing in a venue without an audience, and it’s a bit unfortunate.” Further revealing that they’ve been “reflecting” for “taking things like being able to meet with our fans for granted and thinking of it as something so natural.”

The act successfully closed the three-hour long show by bringing their signature upbeat energy to the encore stages of “My My,” “Campfire,” and “Healing.” Departing with a promise to “prepare even harder in 2021” and “return with upgraded performances and songs to reciprocate the love our fans have given us,” SEVENTEEN relayed their sincere hopes that their songs would serve as a source of strength for fans around the world.

The Photo Courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment

In 2020, the renowned self-producing idols established themselves as “double million sellers” through the releases of their recent special album ; [Semicolon] and their earlier EP, Heng:garæ, both of which sold more than a million copies, respectively. The band continues to expand their U.S. presence through their cover shoot on Seventeen magazine, as well as an honorable mention in TIME’s list of “The Songs and Albums That Defined K-Pop’s Monumental Year in 2020.”

With their recent performances of “HOME;RUN” on The Late Late Show with James Corden surpassing more than 2 million views in a matter of days, and their “Left & Right” performance on The Kelly Clarkson Show bringing in the channel’s highest views in the last six months, SEVENTEEN is steadily gearing up to make 2021 a year of their own with even more performances and new releases to come.

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