Samsung Smart and GetWellNetwork Partner to Combine Technology and Solution to Enhance a Patient’s In-Room Healthcare Experience


Samsung Electronics America, Inc. is excited to announce their latest collaboration to integrate technology that revolutionizes how hospitals and healthcare facilities operate. The partnership with GetWellNetwork brings their platform solution for patient engagement, patient education, and operational improvement capabilities to Samsung healthcare-grade smart HTVs.

The GetWellNetwork platform solution delivers helpful and important information at the right time to patients via their in-room televisions — empowering patients to self-manage and equipping hospital staff with the insights needed to deliver higher-quality, more personalized care.

With this solution, Samsung HTVs not only provide cable and entertainment services, but allow hospital staff to leverage a centralized management system to provide patients easy access to personalized welcome kits, visiting hours, education on their pre- and post-care, pain management details, spiritual care, hospital safety protocols, meal plans for the day, and more.

“Samsung is focused on providing healthcare facilities and hospitals with technology solutions and tools that allow them to improve their procedures and services,” said Mark Quiroz, Vice President, Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “Our partnership with GetWellNetwork upgrades the HTV set to a full platform solution to deliver crucial information that improves patients’ satisfaction, well-being, and overall experience.”

GetWellNetwork can be integrated across the Samsung healthcare-grade TV series, without the need for a separate set-top box or other interactive hardware. This cost-effective solution allows for faster deployment and ease of use — meaning less disruption in the hospital room for patients and staff.

“By incorporating GetWellNetwork’s proven solution directly into Samsung’s healthcare-grade smart HTVs, patients and healthcare staff alike will now get the best of both worlds,” said Robin Cavanaugh, Chief Technology Officer at GetWellNetwork. “They’ll find crucial information at their fingertips — further, the seamless integration of technology with solution will ensure that all users can find the details they need without difficulty. We’re excited to work together with Samsung to continue making the healthcare journey a better experience for everyone involved.”

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