Balenciaga 50th Couture Collection Fall-Winter 2021-22 Fashion Show


“Fifty-three years have passed since Cristóbal Balenciaga closed the doors of his house, largely due to the birth of ready-to-wear, which questioned the raison d’être for the concept of haute couture.

Over half a century later i see it as my creative obligation to the unique heritage of m. balenciaga to bring the couture back to his house. it is the very foundation of this century-old maison.
the re-launch of a couture line will offer the highest creative and qualitative level of product to our customer, as well as complete my multi-layered vision for balenciaga the brand, which ranges all the way up from streetwear into conceptual fashion and wardrobe and ultimately into one-of-a-kind, made-to-measure couture pieces.

Couture is above trends, fashion, and industrial dressmaking. it is a timeless and pure expression of craft and the architecture of silhouette that gives a wearer the strongest notion of elegance and sophistication.

Couture is the highest level of garment construction, that is not only relevant in today’s mass-productive industry, but even absolutely necessary for the survival and further evolution of modern fashion design.

I invite you to discover and enjoy this tribute to the legacy of Cristóbal Balenciaga and my very personal vision of the essence of fashion. ”

-Love, Demna

Balenciaga 50th Couture Collection Full Looks

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