From Mask Chic to Pajama Formals: The Hilarious Fashion Trends of 2022


It’s been a year since 2022, and fashion trends have certainly taken some wild turns. From wearing your mask as a fashion statement, to lounge wear being worn as formal attire, it’s safe to say that the fashion world has been through a lot.

One trend that took the world by storm was the “mask chic” trend. People all around the world started wearing their masks as a fashion statement and not just for protection. The mask became an accessory, with designer masks popping up everywhere, and matching your mask to your outfit became a thing. Some people even started wearing multiple masks at a time, layering them like they would with jewelry.

Another trend that was hard to miss was the rise of the “WFH wardrobe”. With the majority of the world working from home, lounge wear suddenly became formal attire. Sweatpants and hoodies were paired with blazers and oxford shoes, and the line between casual and formal clothing became blurred. Some people even started wearing their pajamas to virtual meetings, proving that comfort truly is king.

Lastly, the “Face Shield Fashion” trend emerged and it was a mix between a futuristic approach and a practical need for more protection. People started wearing face shields on top of their masks, creating an unusual yet effective look.

In summary, 2022 fashion trends were a wild ride, with masks and face shields becoming fashionable and lounge wear becoming formal attire. It is a year that will be remembered for its unexpected fashion choices and practicality over aesthetics. Let’s see what the next year holds for the fashion industry.

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