Halle Berry Keto-fies Diabetes: How the High-Fat Diet Tamed the Hollywood Star’s Blood Sugar


One celebrity who has been open about her experiences with the ketogenic diet is Halle Berry. In an interview with Shape magazine, the actress revealed that she started following the diet as a way to improve her health and control her diabetes.

Before going keto, Berry struggled with her blood sugar levels and often felt sluggish and exhausted. She said she was always “looking for the next sugar fix” and was also dealing with weight gain due to her diabetes medication. However, after starting the ketogenic diet, she noticed a significant improvement in her health and energy levels.

According to Berry, by following the high-fat, low-carb diet, her blood sugar levels became more stable, and she no longer had to rely on sugar for energy. This allowed her to have a better control over her diabetes, and also helped her lose weight. She also reported that her overall mental and physical well-being was improved and also notice a change in her skin appearance.

Berry has been very vocal about how the ketogenic diet has changed her life for the better. She’s even shared some of her favorite keto-friendly recipes on social media, in order to inspire and help others who are looking to improve their health through this way of eating.

It’s clear that the ketogenic diet has had a big impact on Berry’s health and well-being. And by sharing her story, she’s been able to inspire many others to give the diet a try and see the benefits for themselves.

Disclaimer: While the ketogenic diet may have worked well for Halle Berry, it may not have the same effects on everyone, as each person’s body is unique. Also, it’s important to speak with a healthcare professional before making any major changes to your diet.

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