Jake Gyllenhaal Shares Why He Decided to Join the MCU


One of the standout moments from the "Spider-Man: Far From Home" teaser trailer since it debuted earlier this month has been the debut of Mysterio.

What drew Jake Gyllenhaal to the role of Mysterio? According to Gyllenhaal, it always comes down to character-driven roles. "[Mysterio's] a great character. You know, it was one of those things that people have asked me for a number of years, 'Are you going to do...? Do you want to do a movie like that, or if you were asked to, would you?'" said Gyllenhaal. "And my response has always been, particularly since being at Sundance, so many of the stories are character-driven, and that has always been my desire, to find something in that space that seems to match my skill, and also what I love and my own honesty. And it just so happened that it does with that part. So I'm glad that people feel excited about it."

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