Gucci launches new Instagram account ‘Gucci Beauty’ – The Art of Beauty

Recently luxury brand Gucci launched a new Instagram account ‘guccibeauty’. It was launched by Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele and it is dedicated to the vision of Gucci’s beautiful world, but from the Instagram tweet, it is not only a beauty account. It is more like a...
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Encounter Nordic Pottery by Kähler

Disclaimer: Some of the pictures and text in this post are from Kahler’s homepage. If you want to use them yourself, you should ask the Kahler company for permission first. Nordic home style has always been natural, warm, bright, simple yet elegant, simple and generous. Subtly blended...
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Nordic Style Exhibition – Danish Design Now

Hello, my friends! As you might know, I recently went to Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen to see their exhibition Danish Design Now – an exhibition displaying the nordic style design branch. In my previous post, I wrote about their haute couture exhibition, which displayed works by...
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