Your New K-pop Destination Enhypen Reveal Album Preview For 1st Studio Repackage Album Dimension : Answer


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Your new K-pop destination ENHYPEN gave a sneak peak of new music from their upcoming 1st Studio Repackage Album DIMENSION : ANSWER with an album preview video.

The video aesthetically reflects the previously revealed “NO” and “YET” concepts showing the versatile visual talents within a wide meadow as well as a miniature world, while providing a preview of the album’s B-side tracks “Polaroid Love,” “Outro : Day 2,” and lead single “Blessed-Cursed.” The 3 songs are new additions to the tracklist from 1st Studio Album DIMENSION : DILEMMA that complete ENHYPEN’s first 11-track repackage album.

“Polaroid Love” is a Pop R&B track that attracted enthusiastic responses from fans after being premiered at the band’s second fan meet “2021 ENHYPEN [EN-CONNECT: COMPANION]” held in November 2021. As the last track of the album “Outro: Day 2” captures the listener, the lead single “Blessed-Cursed” leaves a lasting impression raising expectations for the new album.

In ENHYPEN’s 1st Studio Repackage Album DIMENSION : ANSWER, the rising authentic storytellers realize that the world in and of itself was wrong all along and set out to find the answers while living life on their own terms refusing to accept what is labeled as the “correct answer.” Accepting what was given to them and being tamed by the rules of society seemed like a “blessing,” but now that they‘ve realized the truths of the world, this all rather feels like a “curse.” A Hybrid Hip-Hop track that fuses Hip-Hop and 1970’s Hard Rock, lead single “Blessed-Cursed” is the band’s declaration to the world—“I’ll go my own way.”

The record-breaking K-pop prodigies will unveil the music video teasers for lead single “Blessed-Cursed” on January 7 and 9.

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