Woozi, K-pop Band Seventeen Member, Released His First Personal English Mixtape “Ruby”


WOOZI’s new mixtape arrives on the heels of another stellar year for the band, during which SEVENTEEN established themselves as “quintuple million sellers” with their last five consecutive releases selling over 1 miillion copies each. In the final month of the year 2021, the K-pop movers and shakers also earned the honor of being named MTV’s PUSH Artist of the month.

In the rock-influenced track, WOOZI likens the feeling of an intense attraction to the ‘other’ to the blazing colors of a ‘Ruby,’ illustrating the swing of emotions one experiences in the midst of such fiery feelings.

After instantly hooking listeners with classical strings within the first few seconds, the track soon takes a sharp turn to heart-pounding, rock-influenced beats, and eventually comes to a close with jazzy piano sounds that complete a spectacle for the ears. The vivid colors and alluring aesthetics of the accompanying music video add a visual layer to the immersive experience presented by the track.

Speaking of his first venture outside of SEVENTEEN’s discography as the full group, WOOZI said, “‘Ruby’ is a song that answers the question of who WOOZI is as an artist.” As a producer to SEVENTEEN and the leader of its vocal unit, WOOZI has served as the backbone to the K-pop supergroup’s continued upward trajectory.

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