Mattel Barbie and A Bathing Ape launch BAPE® x Barbie Collection


Since 1959, the Barbie brand’s purpose has been to inspire the limitless potential in every girl. From princess to president, astronaut to zoologist, there isn’t a plastic ceiling she hasn’t broken. As the most inclusive doll line in the world, Barbie has evolved into a pop-culture icon and served as a muse to the fashion world for decades. With an eye set on the rise of streetwear, Barbie has teamed up with Japanese street fashion legends, BAPE®.

BAPE® x Barbie collection blends BAPE®s’ signature camo with Barbie’s classic ponytail silhouette for a unique tribute to the brands’ globally recognized logos. Barbie-inspired pop colors and iconic logos are mixed with BAPE® aesthetics for the 17 item collection for women and kids, including jackets, sweatshirts, pants, jewelry, and more.

The BAPE® x Barbie collection will launches on April 6th in stores and online.

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