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Animal print have always been a controversial fashion element, the most controversial should be leopard prints – because when we mistakenly match, it will make us very cheesy, however. It has always been favored by designers – whether it is a hundred years ago or the present, “they” are the masters on the runway. The first-class designers seem to never get bored with it, because it is undeniable that when the animal prints are properly matched, they can radiate irresistible charm. In the delicate fashion industry, it is synonymous with wildness, nature and fascination. Because it doesn’t need too much, just adding “a little” is enough to make you stand out from the crowd, which is why fashion icon, celebrities and celebrities love it.

Photo: Simonetta Ravizza Autumn/Winter 2018 / Vogue Magazine

Tom Ford and Simonetta Ravizza played a animal print on the 2018 Fall Winter Fashion Show.

Photo: Tom Ford Fall 2018 / Vogue Magazine

In fact, the animal print are not imaginatively difficult to control. Just master some styling tips. From head to toe, we can use the animal print to create a fashionable image. The most is not error-prone method is:

Tip 1: Use a small area throughout the shape, the animal print on the foot allows you to avoid large areas of exaggeration and tackiness and add a charm index for very simple wear.

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Tip 2: When you wear animal print shoes, try to choose pure or neutral tones for other items.

Tip 3: If you don’t want to be so eye-catching, you can choose a lower-key zebra prints shoes, black and white to show the quality and simplicity, a little less leopard wild and sexy.

There are many kinds of animal print shoes, different styling methods can show different styles, can be sexy wild, but also feminine, but also can be gorgeously swayed, and quickly use the colorful animal print to break the dullness of autumn and winter. Use The relaxed style adds vitality to the look.

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