The Christian Dior saddle bag is comming back, re-enacting the classic beauty with a new look


In Christian Dior’s latest season of advertising, it has officially announced that the saddle bag is returning with a new look. The iconic saddle bag was redesigned in two sizes and furnished in leather, Dior oblique canvas and embroidered. This time, the embroidery wide canvas strap sold separately has been added, which not only adds fashion, but also adds more fashionable flair to use the bag. It will support different ways of carrying it – shoulder slung, on the back and carried – greatly improving its functionality.

Photo: Christian Dior

A new solid color calf leather saddle bag with a simple curved body and a smooth leather finish for unforgettable elegance.

Beaded embroidery stitching saddle bag with a contrasting bright color to match the hand-stitched unique beaded tassels representing the “Earth” element to add a dynamic and unique personality to the handbag. Perfecting the glamorous oblique pattern and the classic saddle bag fusion, giving a variety of characteristics, every detail is full of exquisite craftsmanship and is the perfect embodiment of excellent craftsmanship.

Photo: Christian Dior

Photo: Christian Dior

The revived saddle still uses the Dior logo as the main attraction. The classic D-shaped metal pendant with texture is exquisite and eye-catching.

The details are also perfect. Not only the front of the Dior’s uppercase “D” logo – the metal chain on the side looks ordinary, but the back is “CD” and looks exquisite in the details .

Photo: John Galliano

However, this new bag is not a brand new design and many people already know it. As early as 1999, in the third year of John Galliano as Dior’s designer, he brought an impression. For the spring/summer 2000 series, also in this time, Galliano designed the first bag for Dior, designed this Saddle Bag that looks like a saddle, the body and the cover are similar to the brand logo “CD”.

In the early 2000s, Dior saddle bag was the classic design of designer John Galliano and became the brand’s most representative handbag.

In the same year, the third season of the American TV series “Sex and the City” was launched. The main character Carrie Bradshaw was in the fifth episode, holding the light purple white Dior saddle bag, which laid the position of the saddle bag in the fashion industry. The saddle bag began to enter the public field.

In 2006, Galliano launched a new collection of saddle bags inspired by twelve countries. Galliano told the New York Times: “She has become a classic.” But unfortunately, a year later, It Bags has become no longer trendy. However, three years after the saddle bag was silent, John Galliano left Dior in 2011. Since then, no successor designers have re-enacted the saddle bag designed by John Galliano.

Born in the millennium, it is almost 20 years old, and now it has finally returned. Although the returning saddle bag did not involve John Galliano, Dior’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri continued the original classic design and injected the new elements that are popular nowadays allow the saddle bag to return to a new look and make it revive again.


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