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The first question after getting up every morning is: “What clothes do I have to wear today?”. Let’s say you have an important customer meeting today. How to wear clothes to better meet this important customer. This is always the biggest headache for women. Thing is, that even if our wardrobe is full of all kinds of clothes, we still worry about this problem. We feel that we always need some clothes, so for those women in the workplace, The simplest and least time-consuming option is to wear a uniform to work every day.

In this intense life rhythm, many times we just want to relax the whole body. We don’t want to always wear work clothes or formal clothes to go to work or to see customers. We don’t want to be bound by clothes, we yearn for relaxing. I think a lot of people had this thought: ” I just want to go to work in my pyjamas!”, but we can’t do it because it will make our boss think that we don’t respect the workplace and may affect the company’s image, so we don’t go to work in pyjamas. We don’t dare to think that it is absolutely possible.

But in recent years, perhaps the designers have also discovered the strong appeal of the public. The designers use a variety of fabrics to design pyjamas style clothes for any occasion – making them practical and stylish. It can be seen in parties,  appointments and even in the workplace. It has also been trended by fashion circles, and this trend has become more and more intense.

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Can I really go to work wearing pyjamas fashion? The answer is: “Yes!”. Because now pyjamas are not a single item in your mind that can only be seen at home.

Everyone knows that the trend of the fashion circle is always changing, but what we are surprised about is that the appeal of the pyjamas continues unabated, and the “fashion icons” loves these relaxed pyjamas, so learning quickly how to wear pyjamas style, can also be very OL, the next workplace fashion girl is you!

In fact, putting pyjamas style into the workplace is not as difficult as you think. You only need to get the following points:

1. If you want to create a perfect pyjamas style and don’t like it too fancy, then you need to find some way to “make up” on the wearer, such as stuffing the corner of the shirt into the pants and keep the other corner outside.

2. Choose a simple solid colored jacket to avoid mistakes.

3. If there is a printed pattern, try to choose a clean colored item. If it is a solid color, you can choose a high-saturation bright color item to match.

4. If your pyjamas looks very monotonous, you can wear a stylish belt around your waist.

5. Pyjamas’ can easily control the shoes: small high-heeled, flat shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, etc.

6. Pyjamas can easily control the trousers: casual pants, suit pants, jeans, skirts, leather skirts, lace skirts, etc., they can be high waist or low waist.



1: Pyjamas Style Suit


The suit; perhaps because it is clean and neat, it also best reflects the professional and mature women in the workplace and has become the most popular clothing for women in our workplace. Often in very formal workplaces, we will choose to wear a suit.

Choosing a printed pyjamas suit, the elegant feminine style is full of enthusiasm, fresh and natural as if the forest is worn on the body with distinct layers and just the right romantic elegance.


If you think the print is too fancy, you can also choose a simple and elegant solid colored suit and draw a delicate silhouette with a piping and the detachable belt will bring out a soft body. When the weather is a little cold, you can wear a T-shirt, which is neat and generous, inside.

Pyjamas suits will not go wrong no matter how they are worn. Whether it is solid color, polka dots, stripes, black and white color: As long as a set go to work, with a pair of simple atmospheric shoes, high or flat heel – even small white shoes. The sneakers are perfect, the temperament is OL style instantly. If you are an office worker or a newcomer to the workplace, this will be your wardrobe essential.

2:Pyjamas Style Dress

In addition to suits, there are often dresses in the workplace, and its appearance rate is also very high, I think we have a variety of dresses in each woman’s wardrobe.

This lacing is a very common style with a pyjamas style. The casual lace-up decoration is the expression of the dress on the pyjamas. It is also the intellectual interpretation of the lazy and elegant personality, with fashionable small high-heeled shoes and sneakers. Casual shoes, with a beloved bag, can easily show the lazy and feminine lady.

The irregular split hem, on the basis of enhancing the visual level, enhances the individuality of the overall design, and adds a romantic touch to the printed pattern.


3:Pyjamas Style Shirt

Whether it is stripes, polka dots or printed pyjamas style shirt, when you meet high-waist pocket casual pants and jeans, you can unleash the confident and confident style of women. You can wear sports shoes and fashionable white shoes to bring out the vitality of young fans.

The solid color shirt with high waist skirt is stylish and feminine, creating a sense of elegance and elegance that highlights the calmness and generosity of a light mature woman.


4:Pyjamas Style Jumpsuit

The pyjamas-style jumpsuit has a lazy design, creating a fashion model that is sensible and light. The modern stripe elements smeared a lively color for the lazy pyjama set, especially the high-slim vertical stripes, which are more sophisticated and elegant!

5:Pyjamas Style Long Coat

The long coat is one of the most classic coats, highly sought after, whether it is a solid color or printed long coat, with a dress, solid color shirt or T-shirt, with a pair of beloved little high heels, single shoes, boots and even comfort Casual shoes can show off the elegant and elegant temperament, It is your powerful weapon to enhance the gas field.

Whether it’s a printed pyjama suit, shirt, long coat or dress, when the weather is a cold, you can also wear a solid color coat jacket or a sweater coat to gently wrap the female petite body. It is presented with an elegant elegance with intellectual charm.

Pyjamas style can also be very OL. The next workplace fashion girl is you!


Source: Anyabelle’s Fashion             Editor: Ms.Anyabelle

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